1. hub-compare(1)
  2. hub manual
  3. hub-compare(1)

Open a GitHub compare page in a web browser.


hub compare [-uc] [USER] [[START...]END]
hub compare [-uc] [-b BASE]


-u, --url

Print the URL instead of opening it.

-c, --copy

Put the URL to clipboard instead of opening it.

-b, --base BASE

Base branch to compare against in case no explicit arguments were given.


Branch names, tag names, or commit SHAs specifying the range to compare. END defaults to the current branch name.

If a range with two dots (A..B) is given, it will be transformed into a range with three dots.


$ hub compare refactor
> open https://github.com/USER/REPO/compare/refactor

$ hub compare v1.0..v1.1
> open https://github.com/USER/REPO/compare/v1.0...v1.1

$ hub compare -u jingweno feature
> echo https://github.com/jingweno/REPO/compare/feature

See also

hub-browse(1), hub(1)