1. hub-ci-status(1)
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  3. hub-ci-status(1)

Display status of GitHub checks for a commit.


hub ci-status [-v] [COMMIT]


-v, --verbose

Print detailed report of all status checks and their URLs.

-f, --format FORMAT

Pretty print all status checks using FORMAT (implies --verbose). See the "PRETTY FORMATS" section of git-log(1) for some additional details on how placeholders are used in format. The available placeholders for checks are:

%U: the URL of this status check

%S: check state (e.g. "success", "failure")

%sC: set color to red, green, or yellow, depending on state

%t: name of the status check


Enable colored output even if stdout is not a terminal. WHEN can be one of "always" (default for --color), "never", or "auto" (default).


A commit SHA or branch name (default: "HEAD").

Possible outputs and exit statuses:

See also

hub-pull-request(1), hub(1)